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Due to spacing on our website, only special events will be shown along with the last couple of current runs, the latter will be replaced regularly by newer runs.  Copies of photos can be ordered - see Double B.

McPhersons Plains Photos.

THE FRIDAY NIGHT (for those who can remember it)
Super twat - Nowra PFD Scooter The Banner (lasted about 30 minutes!!) Preparing for the festivities
The illustrious (and elusive) GM Resident couch potato Pearlmeister PFD with Double B and her new tea cosy W2H3's favourite clowns
Fireballs & Scooter
Nowra & Wildman Gomer Pyle & Furballs Plugher, Phantom, Horse Horse & Nympho (and that engagement ring!!), Wheelie Bin & Garbo The League of Nations - Horse's Arse, Drain Pipe, Shinsplints & ET
Vax and Carnivore Library & Santa Luna & Child Bride The Quintets - Santa, Luna, Child Bride, Library and at the front as usual - Pearl Visiting Bushrangers - Bum Deal & B4


Misty snowy mountain morning - for all those who were all still in dreamland Can't miss the news - JR catches up on the outside world ET - At least one cheerful face After arriving late Taxi catches up The camp slowly came to life
Wildman (love the Darwin t-shirt), Vax and PFD (looking more and more like Norm!) Terrible Twins, Taxi & Bum Fluff Ladies of Hash, Spinner & T'snot T'snot W2H3's resident boogy man - Luna Likesa and his tickets
Nympho, Gomer Pyle & Barbaraaaaaa Finely tuned athletes get ready Final preparations (but cordial???) And the're off!!! Like I said, the're off (go on boy, you can do it)
The reluctant ones The piss stop - Vampire (with an 'e') and Child Bride Dude plotting more mayhem More piss stop photos Grumpy & Bum Fluff
Taxi & Horse The camera standoff - Grumpy Start of the circle - Nowra, Barbaraaaa, Milo and Garbo Kisa "I can do it, oh yes I can"
Nympho swallows it like a trooper! The Phantom Scooter, Plugher, Wildman Spinner Garbo & Gomer
Likesa takes it like a man Spinner & Grumpy Garbo & Wildman Library Plugher & Horse
Furballs Remus The Down Down went down well?? Shinsplints We are not amused - T'snot T'snot & Sue Ellen
Bum Deal & Spinner Likesa flashes Mixo contemplates his navel The Brute Dead Ringer
Horse Milo proposes, Frizzy disposes Frizzy Grumpy Frizzy & Grumpy
Vax & Hash Photographer (now you know why I stay on the other side of the camera) Dead Ringer - been a naughty boy again! Horse, Furballs & Likesa Frizzy & Furballs Double B & Gomer Pyle
Likesa & helping hand Drain Pipe & Shinsplints Remus The Illawarra Harriettes
(Drop One & Slipher-a-Bundy)
Pearl in all his glory
Fireballs The Brute JR Milo's dismal attempts to stay in time Bum Fluff, Taxi & Double B
It was a bloody good joke Oh where or where is my little red corset?  Dead Ringer Ouch!! Lookin' good GM Time for little boys to go to bed
On On!
All camera'd out Goodnight children!!      

These photos have been resampled so as to fit on the website.  If you would to have any originals (size is approx 500-600kb each), give me the caption and row number if possible - email doubleb@waggahash.asn.au with the subject line "McPhersons Plains photos".  I'll email them back to you ASAP.